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How To Keep Food Hot in Your Car and More Cool Car Hacks

Seat warmers are great for keeping your buns toasty on a cold day, but they also double as a food warmer. Next time you’re taking of a pizza, place it on a seat with the seat warmer on so it won’t cool off on your way home. That’s one of many cool car hacks to try.

1. Take a photo of where you parked

You know you need to do this. Instead of trying to remember your parking spot, make it easier on yourself by taking a photo of where you parked your car with your cell phone.

2. Hang a shoe organizer on the back of a seat.

Store your stuff in a shoe organizer — great for road trips.

3. Remove dents with a plunger

Use a plunger to suck out dents. It’s best for medium-sized dents, according to Lifehacker.

4. Buff your car with conditioner

Wax your car with hair conditioner to give it an extra shine and prevent water streaks from forming.

5. Clean the interior with a coffee filter

Dab the coffee filter with a little bit of olive oil to clean your car with. If you don’t want to use the oils, feel free to go without it or use another cleaning solution instead. The filters are much better as cleaners than dryer sheets, which are often recommended as well. That’s because dryer sheets can contain a lot of chemicals.

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